The Works on Fiqh in Ziya Bey Manuscript Library


The Ziya Bey Manuscript Library is located in Sivas. Ziya Bey, the founder of the library, was born in 1284/1869 in Sivas. Ziya Bey served as a civil servant during the Ottoman period. Yusuf Ziya Bey built the Ziya Bey Manuscript Library in 1908. The library housed approximately 3,000 books during the time of Ziya Bey. There are now a total of 1,040 manuscripts and 8,088 printed works. There are 721 manuscripts in Arabic, 52 in Persian, and 267 in Turkish, whose topics include the fundamentals of the Islamic sciences, the Arabic language, tafsir, hadith, kalam, and books on the humanities such as history, geography, physics, chemistry, and medicine. There are also some periodicals including those that are up-to-date. There are more than 10,000 books in the new books section. There are also books in German, English, and French.


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