Manuscripts on Hanafī Tabaqāts


Hanafi school of law which is one of the four important law schools in Islamic law history, has trained a great number of scholars based on intense fiqh activities, throughout the history of fiqh. As it was the case for other schools, alongside the dissemination of the school of law idea and development of the biography writing, encyclopedias about fiqh scholars are also written in Hanafi school. This literature as known Hanafi tabaqats, consists of 25 works as far as we can identify. Eight tabaqats have not survived, eleven of them have been published. Although the remaining six works remain as a source of history research in Hanafi school, they await for the interest of researchers in the manuscript libraries. In this article which sheds light on to the need for the publication of these works, a list of the Hanafi tabaqats will be given and the manuscript of the unpublished works will be presented.


The Hanafi School of Law Tabaqat Tabaqat al-Hanafiyah Tarajim Biography Manuscripts