Analysis and Critical Edition of Kutbuddin Al-Izniki’s Risala about Âdem -Musa Debate


This article discusses the treatise of Kutbüddinzâde İznikî who is one of the 15th century Ottoman scholars. In this treatise, he explained a famous hadith that heralded a debate between Âdem and Moses. The narration, which is found in almost all classical hadith sources and is accepted as true, has been frequently used as evidence in the fate debates that have been on the agenda since the first centuries of hijri. Similar comments are often repeated regarding the narration, which has a wide place in hadith commentary literature. However, it is seen that the scholars make different choices in terms of eliminating the obfuscation about fate in the narration. Kutbüddinzade found the interpretations of the hadith scholars insufficient and he tried to understand the issue within the framework of the prophethood and guardianship qualities of the prophets who was famous in the Sufi tradition. In the article, first of all, the comments and disputes made by the scholars at the point of understanding the rumor were addressed, then the content of the treatise was conveyed and the text that was examined was included.


Kutbüddinzâde Âdem Moses Fate Commentary.