A Hadith Fascicule Including Abu Hanifah’s Narrations From The Sahabah: Abu Ma’shar al-Tabari’s Work Titled Al-Ahadees Al-Sab’a (Critical Edition and Analytical Interpretation)


The wise personality of Abû Hanifa (d. 150/767) draws the attention of everyone who has been dealing with Islamic sciences from the past to the present. For this reason, there are many works on Abû Hanifa written by people who have grown in different fields such as hadith, fiqh and kalam from the perspective of the disciplines they are experts in. Besides the studies examining the place of Abû Hanifa in the science of narration (al-Riwayah), his understanding of hadiths or his method of deducing with hadiths, the existence of books containing the hadiths he narrated is also known. While some of these books are directly attributed to him, some are composed of gathering the narrations made from him in various sources. The work named al-Ahâdîs al-Sab‘a, prepared by Abu Ma‘shar al-Tabarî (d. 478/1085), among the hadith parts containing the transmissions of Abu Hanifa from the companions (al-Sahabah), is one of the examples on this subject. What makes this work valuable is that it is a response to the criticisms that Abu Hanifa was not aware of hadiths, or that his memory was weak, and that he did not value hadiths and resorted to his own opinion (al-ra’y). In this context, al-Ahâdîs al-Sab‘a can be regarded as evidence of Abu Hanifa’s preoccupation with hadiths and can also be used as a strong argument to show an objective approach to these criticisms.


Abu Hanifa and hadith Abu Ma‘shar Seven hadiths al-Ahâdîs al-Sab‘a Tabi’in.