Review Article

Molla Hüsrev’in Nakdu’l-efkâr fî reddi’l-enzâr Adlı Eserinin Hadis İlmi İle İlgili İkinci Bölümünün Tahkiki


This article is a critical edition of the Second chapter of the book Naqd al-afkār fī radd al-anzār penned by Molla Hüsrev (d. 885/1480). In the book, Sirāj al-dīn b. Said al-dīn al-Tawqīkī (d. 886/1481) answers the questions posed by Alā al-dīn Ali b. Mūsā al-Rūmī (d. 841/1438). Molla Hüsrev, acts as a referee from a philosophical and rational point of view on their thoughts regarding subjects. As a good example of the adjudication genre, the book consists of six chapters discussing particular subjects, with ten issues in each, by using the method of adjudication (muhākamāt) These subjects include Quran, Hadith (the speeches of the prophet), jurisprudence, juridical methodology, Arabic language and rhetoric and logic. This Second chapter is the historiography of the prophet’s life. Four chapters of this book, have been previously edited. It is possible to see the logical inferences depending on the reasoning forms that dominate the work and the intense language philosophy in this section. Molla Hüsrev examined the narrations on the subjects he dealt with through language, logic and philosophy. The book shows Molla Hüsrev’s knowledge of these sciences and his eloquence.


Molla Hüsrev Naqd al-afkār al-Muhākamāt Critical Edition Hadith