Manuscripts on Abū Hanīfa’s Manāqibs


Abū Hanīfa is not only an important scholar in the history of Hanafī School but also an important figure in the history of jurisprudence. Hence, his life has been an area of interest for many researchers. As a result of this interest, more than 40 manuscripts were written especially over his life. Unfortunately, nearly half of this extensive corpus has disappeared in the pages of history. Approximately half of the manuscripts that reach the present day have been published and now are available but the other half is still in hand-written manuscript and these manuscripts are expected to be investigated. This article has been written to draw attention to the necessity of publication on this vast corpus. Primarily, we will provide a list of works written about Abū Hanīfa’s life and subsequently, introduce the unpublished hand-written manuscripts.


Ebû Hanîfe Menâkıb Menâkıbu Ebî Hanîfe Yazma Nüshalar