A Critical Edition and Analysis of Manāqib Abī Hanīfah by Abu al-Hasan ad-Dīnavarī


There are a number of hagiographical works on the eponymous of the Hana୲ school, Abu Hanîfah. These works provide rich informations for us about his life and his intellectual thinking. One of such works is Manāqib Abî Hanîfah by Abu al-Hasan al-Dīnavarī. al-Dīnavarī spent much of his life for ilm al-hadith and travelled to a lot of cities such as Khorasan, Esfahan and Baghdad. He died in 1076 at Ghaznah. There is no information in sources that he compiled a book. Yet, there is an extant work attributed to al-Dīnavarī. This work is about Abū Hanīfa; his life, his virtues etc. This work is entitled in the ୲rst page of the manuscript Kitāb Manāqib Imam al-A’immah Abī Hanīfah al-Nu‘mān ibn Thābit wa Fadāilih wa Vefātih wa Akhbâr Ashâbih.The work has about 250 traditions and almost all of them have chains. This study consists of three parts. The ୲rst one is about al-al-Dīnavarī’s life and his works. The second part is dedicated to an analysis of the book. The last part is the critical edition of Manāqib Abî Hanîfah based on two manuscripts.


Manāqib Abu Hanīfah al-Dīnavarī hagiography the Hanafī school