Critical Edition of Fakhr al-dīn al-Rāzī’s al-Jadal


There has been a considerable amount of interest among scholars in jadal as it is considered to be helpful in sustaining consistency in one’s own opinions as well as pinpointing the weak aspects of the evidences that can potentially be used by opponents in scholarly disputations. This interest resulted in the production of numerous works on jadal, and one of the issues scholars discuss in these works was concerning how to properly conduct disputation, which, in principle, is considered reprehensible in Islam, without violating the Garī'a law. They discuss the questions of how to properly extract legal rulings from adilla which are relevant to istidlāl and which objections one can make against those who conduct istidlāl in one of these ways of istidlāl. While doing so, they give a central position to qiyās among the types of adilla. Fakhr al-dīn al-Rāzī is among those who produced such a work. Besides his al-Kāsif, which is well-known in jadal, there is another partially extant manuscript attributed to him, entitled al-Jadal. This is the only manuscript of al-Jadal that I am aware of. This paper examines this incomplete manuscript which, I think, constitutes a chapter in al-Rāzī’s al-Maʿālim- yet another incomplete work by him which we know consists of five foundational sciences. The first part of the paper provides some general information about al-Jadal as well as a summary of its contents. The second part is dedicated to a critical edition of the work.


al-Rāzī Jadal al-Ma'ālim Usul al-fiqh İ'tirād