The Treatise of ʻAbd Allah al-Bosnawī titled Kitābu anfas al-vāridāt fi sharhi awwali khutbah al-Futūhāt: Analysis, Critical Edition and Translation


This study includes the analysis, critical edition and translation of a treatise of Bosnawī.
As can be understood from its name, the first sentence of al-Futūhāt al-Makkiyyah is commented
in the treatise: “Praise be to Allāh, who created things from non-existence and non-existence of
non-existence.” The author comments this sentence in four different ways. At the same time, he
also talks about various concepts and topics related to creation and genesis. He opens a separate
section on the subject of non-existence in his treatise. The study consists of three parts. In the
first part, the author and his work are introduced, content analysis of the work has been done. In
the second part, a critical edition of the work, and in the third part, its translation is given.


Ibn al-Arabī Bosnawī Creation Genesis Existence Absence.