The Publishing and Evaluation of The Surah of Duhan in Sheikh Alī Al-Bistāmī’s (Musannifak) Tafsir Named “Multaka’l-Bahrain/Kitāb Al-Shifa”


In the classical period, Modern tafsir scholars talk about the interpretation of the Quran as a linguistic text. The most important practitioner of this interpretation is Zamakhshari (d.
538/1144). Secondly, they mention an attitude in the form of revealing the truths in the Quran.
One of the important representatives of this approach is Fahr al-din al-Razi (d. 606/1209). These
two names occupy a very central place in the tafsir studies of Sheikh Ali al-Bistāmī Musannifak
(d. 875/1470), the famous name of the Timurlu/Karamanlı/Ottoman world. Musannifak tried
to bring these two names together in his interpretation called Multaka’l-bahrain (where the two
seas meet) and brought together the views of these two scholars, whom he likened to the sea in
a sense. In our study, the writing process of Multaka’l-bahrain was discussed, and the interpretation of the surah of Duhan has been published and evaluated from various angles based on the
commentary of Hekimoğlu Ali Pasha number 52 copy in Suleymaniye Library.


Sheikh Ali Musannifak Multaka’l-bahrain Surah of Duhan al-Zamakhshari Fahr al-Din al-Razi Suleymaniye Library.