Ibn Sīnā’s Kitāb aqsām al-hikma wa tafsīlihā: Critical Edition and Turkish Translation


Ibn Sīnā’s (d. 428/1037) Kitāb aqsām al-ĥikma wa tafśīlihā (better known as Risāla fī aqsām al-ʽulūm al-ʽaqliyya), is his only independent work on the classification of the philosophical/intellectual sciences. It has been widely used by both classical and modern authors to establish the conception of philosophy and philosophical sciences of Ibn Sīnā in particular and even the falāsifa in general. Although there is no clue about the date of composition of this treatise, its innovative features both in form and in substance imply that he wrote it in his relatively mature period. This article presents a critical edition of the treatise based on the two copies of it that are contained in the following relatively early-dated collective manuscripts: (i) İstanbul University, Rare Books Library AY 4755, ff. 83b-91b, and (ii) Bursa İnebey Library, Hüseyin Çelebi 1194, ff. 152b-155b


Ibn Sīnā classification of sciences philosophical/intellectual sciences Aqsām al- ḥikma Risāla fī aqsām al-ʽulūm al-ʽaqliyya.