Review Article

İbrahim Kûrânî’nin “Cilâu’l-fuhûm fi tahkiki’s-sübût ve ru’yeti’l-madûm” Adlı Risalesinin Tahkikli Neşri


İbrahim Kûrânî (d. 1101/1690) is one of the important scholars who lived in the Ottoman geography. Kûrânî, who dealt with all Islamic sciences, especially Kalam and Sufism, wrote nearly eighty works in these fields. One of his works he has written is a risâlah named “Jilā al-fuhūm fī tahqīq al-subūt we ru’yah al-ma’dūm” which includes the problem of “ma’dûm”, which is one of the discussion topics in Islamic thought. Kûrânî deals with the problem of ma’dûm according to theologians and Sufis upon the question about the Shayiyyah (thing) of ma’dûm and answers the subjected question. In addition to the problem of “Ma’dûm”, he deals with “Mahiye”, “Vucûd-i zihni” and “Ayân-ı Sâbite”, which he sees in relation to the subject, and deals with approaches to them. The work is important in terms of containing the approaches of the scholars of Kalam and Sufism and the views of Kûr’ânî on the issue of ma’dûm. Based on these points, we think that the critical edition of the risâlah will contribute to the relevant literature, so it has been the subject of our study. After giving information about the life and works of the author, the affiliation to the author, content, copies and sources of the risâlah have been evaluated and its critical edition has been revealed.


Kalam Sûfism Ibrahim Kûrânî Non-existence Âyân-ı sâbite Mental existence Essence